data not returned in deseialised typed array in workflow, but it appear in K2 Managment and SmartObject Tester

  • 18 April 2023
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We have a rest API that return list of serialized items. if We excute the method in the smart object in Smart obejct Tester the data returned correctly,

excute the method in SmartObject Tester

also if we test the smartobject in K2 management it run smothly and return data. 

testing the samrtobject from K2 Managment

while if we add the smartObject in a workflow with a method desrialize, it retrun no data

i create a refernce to get the data from the samrt object, and another smart object to add recode in K2 database with the retrieved data  
no data appear in the K2 table, means no data was returned from the deserialise method 


2 replies

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In your Create Reference action, are you also calling the Deserialize Typed Array method with a Variable that has your list of serialized item?

Have you tried it just hardcoding the list of serialized item into this Create Reference action also to see if it makes a difference?

If the Create Reference action is successful, you may need a loop to process each records in the created reference.

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Hi @YoussefTR 
Have you resolved this question?