Creating Multiple Tasks in a workflow

Hi Team. I have a problem I am finding it hard to come up with a solution for creating a workflow  in k2 with following steps

1.   Client sends a ticket to a developer requesting help.

2.  Developer receives that ticket with info: Solve, Cant solve,Need more information about the problem.

3.Developer needs to take action and send a feedback to a sender if he/she can solve,not solve or needs information .

if he/she cant solve,he/she needs to send to someone else who can solve(Project manager)

project will solve and send back to Client.


if Developer solve he will send to a client, if he needs more information he will send back to client...Client will give more details until issue is solved.


How can I solve this??


Thank You in advanced


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Can you let us know which part of this you are having difficulty with? It seems like you've laid it all out quite logically

I Created a workflow and is working but when I receive email notifications about the details of call, references I have used they don't appear. Its empty while on I did insert references.

Maybe this screenshots will help you understand my problem. Wonder where did I go wrong.

I haven't receive any solution at the moment, anyone who sis willing to help may please intervene coz I don't know where did I go wrong.

Are you sure that your data source has data populated in those fields?


Does that task event fall inside of a loop? If so, you will need to drag the required fields from the reference item section that was generated from the loop creation step.


As a last resort, you can always do a Smart Object read method before the task, assign the return properties to variables, and then use those variables in the email.


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What is odd is that even the Date isn't coming over, which is not a data field but an environment field. Can you confirm that you've deployed the latest version of this workflow and tested with a new instance of the process (to make sure it is actually using the latest deployed version)?

I did and received the same issue

I did and still receiving the same problem

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Very strange! Can you confirm that if you change some static text in the body of your email that the change comes across in a new test? I'm focusing on that Date not coming into the email as "Now" should always have a value.