Change the label of CheckBox Field to Yes/No from True/False

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Trying to change the label of a CheckBox field in a list view.  But it does not let me select the field from my smartobject in the expression builder to do so.  Any help?

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Hi AtrionMRaucci,


Can you upload a few screen shots for me please showing what you are trying to accomplish and how your expression is configured currently please?


Also what version of K2 Smartforms are you using currently?


Thank you 




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At least for a non-editable list view, you can do the following:


  1. Drop a data label control on the column.
  2. Assign a new expression to the control
  3. Create the expression as If(<Select Yes/No Field From SmartObject>, Yes, No)
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Have you tried using a Transfer Data Action instead? As per this article:


it notes that 

  • The logical if condition can be used to populate the Check Box according to a given condition.
  • Using the Transfer Data action, a Check Box control can be populated using Yes/No, True/False or 0/1. 
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This would only apply to item view, not a list view. And for the item view if your source field is of type Yes/No (e.g. SQL bit type), then this is not necessary.

The expression tactic works - but not if the field is of a referenced object.