Change order of input field on a editable list

  • 16 December 2021
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is it possible to change the order of a editable list view? I would like to have the input fields on the top and not on the bottom of the list.

Thank you




3 replies

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Hi sigi,


It sounds like grid control is what you are after in this scenario, please upvote the following idea. I would recommend taking this opportunity to submit additional feedback for our product team via link.




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You can do it in jquery:




On a literal data label will move it to the top, however from my super limited testing you'll need to clear the data label and transfer that function again after you do any kind of action that commits data or modifies the grid in any way.



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The data label will actually need to contain a wrapping script tag.


<script type="text/javascript">$('table.grid-content-table').find('tbody').prepend($('tr.action-row'));</script>


Store it in a function, the have an unbound rule that transfers the value of the function to a data label then another data transfer to clear the data label.


You can then call that rule whenever you need to move the add row back to the top