Can we create "Event Manager app" using K2

  • 26 April 2023
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Can we create custom calendar where user can schedule events, and bock them using K2 application.


Best answer by tbyrne777 26 April 2023, 15:58

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Short answer - yes, but it depends on the exact details on how you want it to function.

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Happy to hear from you @tbyrne777 , we want to create an application specific calendar, where the users can create events and then block them in the calendar and these events should be visible to the other users while planning their events, so that there is no collision among users or user groups. we want to achieve it using “K2 application”, It would we very kind of you, if you could help us further.

Thank you very much for responding!!

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Is the intent to store these events in a SQL database? Or use some common exchange calendar? My initial recommendation would be to first create a SQL database with tables that will contain information about these events. Once this is in place, we can talk about how to expose this table to a K2 front-end, though I may be making an assumption here - do you have the SmartForms component of the K2 blackpearl product?

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Hi @Nishitha Dhupam 
Did you resolve this question?