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I have an editable list where the User can add a row and enter details.


1) The ENTRY boxes and font size are tiny.I have tried to change the Add Row individual column properties to larger font size, but it remains the same...


2) The Headers are also all small, i changed the properties on the Headers, but they do not change either. When editing the Headers, they show larger. But when i save changes and Check-in, the runtime is showing small font


Any ideas?




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Hi Sharpharp


This is not expected but I have seen a similar issue where the client had two list views on a FORM and changed the style of one of them but nothing changes in the runtime due to the other list view (CSS issue in K2)


If you have the same scenario, can you try to run the view only and see if the style is being applied correctly?


Anyway it seems that this bug has not been fixed yet, please log a ticket with K2.


Hi Mustafa,


I have just one List view attached to the form.


When i edit that List View, the Header font is displaying ok and shows the coorect font and size, but when i view it, the font is small.


The Font is small when running just the List View

The Font is small when running the form containing the List View


I'll log a ticket, which is all i seem to be doing these days :-)



This is a k2 bug , custom styling doesn't work at tun time but it will work on design time.



Hi guys,


Just to close this thread off, this issue has been logged as a bug and it will be resolved in a fututre release.




Add the following script as an expression to a data label:


<script type="text/javascript">

$('.grid-column-header-text').css("font-size", "20px");});



Note: Check the the data label property 'Literal'