Accessing Workflow on K2 for SP 2013

  • 16 November 2021
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Would anyone please advise me on how to access WFs on K2 for SP 2013?


There is no link to workflow on SP library. I am using InfoPath forms.



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Hello @Akuner,

Assuming K2 is installed and enabled on the SharePoint 2013 site, and that you have adequate permissions to access them, there will be several K2 icons in the library's ribbon.  You want to select the "Application" icon.


All K2 applications associated with the library will be listed, including any associated workflows.


If this isn't quite what you are looking for, could you please elaborate on what you mean by "access WFs"?  What are you expecting to see or what are you looking to achieve?

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hi @VictoriaD 

I want to access workflow associated with the form library, however, it is not showing up for me under library like yours.Could there be a way to access from server?




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Hi Renuka,

The latest screen looks like SharePoint 2010 site? Are you doing SP 2010 compatible site in SP 2013?
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Hi @khanh 

Maybe.. All i need to do is access workflow for the form library...




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@Akuner for SP2010 or SP2013 in SP2010 compatibility mode, there would still be a button in the ribbon.

Not having that button may imply the library does not contain a workflow.

However, if memory serves, it is possible for SharePoint Lists and Libraries to be integrated with workflows, they're just built external to the library itself.  In other words, a workflow can interact with this library but it doesn't start from within the library itself.


Do you have access to K2 Designer, K2 Management Site, the SmartObject Service Tester, and/or the K2 Server itself?

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 @Akuner I'm just realizing you said you have InfoPath forms and now I'm connecting the dots.  This library is probably a forms library, and the workflow is kicked off by submitting the InfoPath form, is that correct?

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Hi @VictoriaD 


Yes, once the form is submitted. I managed to find the workflow form the server as well using k2 for visual studio. 


But the actions are jiggled up in such a messy way and I cannot find what I am looking for......