Configuration of AssureSign and Salesforce to authorise a profile member

  • 25 July 2023
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I’m facing a problem with custom settings and API user for the sending of emails from AssureSign.

I use these settings :

  1. In the AssureSign Configuration :


  2. On AssureSign, the API users are created :


  3. The Custom Settings, in Salesforce, are set this way. There is my own user account, the System Administrator and the Commercial Profiles.


  4. The “system administrator” profile field “AssureSign_Context_User” is empty.
  • The “commercial” profile field “AssureSign_Context_User” is the email address of the Integration User.
  • My User’s field “AssureSign_Context_user” is the email address of the Integration User.

With my account which has an Admin profile, when I try to send the document to AssureSign, it works.

With a standard “commercial” account, when clicking on the “Send to AssureSign” button, I get this error :

The error says: “An error has occurred. (InternalError)

Include this Error Id if you contact support: e2e731b0-b6fc-461e-bfa0-55e9b67ccc2”


Can you help ?

Best Regards


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