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  • 22 November 2022
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Hi All,

Still a newer user here. I am trying to bring Contact Information into a DDP from SFDC. The test to bring back the specific contact I need is that the Opportunity Record will list the desired contact by Full Name only via a dropdown Menu. The options within the dropdown are controlled via a Checkbox on the Contact Record itself. I have tried several SOQL expressions below is the one I thought had the most potential. Any help would be appreciated.

Fields used

xBContact (SOQL Alias)

Bill_To_Name__c (Full name on the Opportunity of the person I want to bring back)

Name, Title, Phone, Email, MailingAddress (From Contact Record)


SELECT Name, Title, Phone, Email, MailingAddress FROM Contact WHERE Bill_To_Name__c = '<<Name>>'


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Could you let us know how the contact is being brought in? When creating a DocGen Package from the Opportunity object, it does have the contact relationship already set on the package. When running the DocGen Package, you are given a drop down of the contacts that are associated to the account on the opportunity.

If you are looking to bring in a contact that is coming from a lookup on the Opportunity, you will need to create a specific relationship for this:

Thank you for offering some help. This is actually the third contact associated with the DDP for this use case. Contact one is the Account Owner, Contact two is the author of the document we are creating. The third is the one at question. The first two are coming in just fine!! I could get the name of the last one easily as the name is on the Opportunity but the rest of their contact information is not. that information is on the Contact record. I 100% agree that the Contact record is brought in via the relationship to the Opportunity and it is. The contact I am trying to link to is brought into the Opp by a checkbox being checked on the Contact record itself therefore being related tot he Opp. So in English I am looking to perform this. If "John Doe" is listed in the "Bill To" field on the Opportunity Record then grab the rest of John's selected information from his Contact Record. Image below "I think" addresses your other idea to help but am unsure. THANK YOU

Sounds like you figured it out but here is a video on how to get to that contact data.

Thank you for the video, this confirmed I was at least initially I was on the correct track. However, I am still getting no return in value. Could this have anything to do with the fact I am behind on upgrading our Drawloop package? I noticed you are on a much different Field tagger then I have, We are on version 18.3. I still am able to see what Fields I need and I have added those to the document. Although I am truly at a loss without the SOQL how it knows what contact I am asking for. Amy way I can get some quick one on one help, I hav a feeling this is a quick fix that I am over looking.

There is no need for the SOQL call at all. If you have the relationship on the old tagger you can click the drop-down of the Opportunity, and you will see more options under the lookup field that you need to get more data.

Here is a older video and point where you need to look.

Now that helped very much, THANK YOU!