Opportunity Product Line Items not workings

  • 27 April 2022
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Hello all.


I'm a Salesforce developer, and I'm using Nintex DocGen for Salesforce for the first time. I've tried to read the documentation, but I'm so far unable to find the answer to my question.


I'm trying to create an invoice document based on an Opportunity record with Opportunity Products. I'm able to create a merge template which works with all of my standard and custom Opportunity and Opportunity Products fields. However, so far I'm only able to get one Opportunity Product record into my merged document.





Here are the tags I'm using in more readable terms:



  • Product: <<Opportunity_LineItem_Product2>>
  • Quantity: <<Opportunity_LineItem_Quantity>>
  • Unit Price: <<Opportunity_LineItem_UnitPrice>>
  • Here is a screenshot of the relationship I have defined as part of my document package:
  • 22804iC2453448994510F7.png22805i11DEB5DF9B77FDB5.png


it is showing only one records



Please help me on this query

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When doing any replication, you'll have to use a replication tag in order for the data to actually replicate as well as having it inside a table as well. In your situation, since it's a row replication, you'll have to use the <<Opportunity_LineItem_Start>> tag in the row where you would like to replicate. You can find this tag at the end of the field tagger of whichever object you're trying to do the replication for.


Example that we typically see is doing horizontally like this 

For your example, you could have it set it just one cell and do the replication such as below:

You can read more about replications here: 


(under "Replicate rows in Microsoft Word")