Minimize spacing between copy type group

  • 16 January 2018
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Is there a way to minimize spacing between groups in word?


I have group type on quote line items, grouped by name because this seems to be the only way to avoid duplicate quote line items name on the document. In the document its:






Test A


Test B


Test C




Test A

Test B

Test C

2 replies

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Hey ,

Great question! I would recommend showing formatting below every table there should be a paragraph break, if you highlight the paragraph break and change the font size it will reduce the amount of space between each table that is replicated.




ryan_oleary, thanks.  Your response helped.  However, I have a related issue.  Example.  The document adding extra space between each bullet point when the package is generated with the data on it.  To give further detail, a new paragraph break is added for each extra space.  Those paragraph breaks are not there prior to generating the data.  Any way to prevent that added space?  Thanks.