Drawloop with AssureSign

  • 1 May 2022
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Hi Community, 

Is anyone else using Drawloop and sending to AssureSign... how are you going with it? 

I'm having all sorts of difficulty and am having to contact support just about every day, and we are not live yet. 

I still have so many questions I haven't asked support yet. So I feel we are still a long way from going live. 

I've had to build in so many (very cool) work-arounds for the basic stuff that doesn't work now that they have removed the AssureSign lightning app. 

I would love to chat with any other Salesforce Admins who are setting up Drawloop with AssureSign and see if we can work it all out together. 

Trailblazer ID, and Twitter is JodieM.

1 reply

Hey Jodie!


I'm a Solutions Engineer here at Nintex and I'd be happy to chat through some of your use cases! I sent you a message on LinkedIn to open a discussion.


Note: If you're able to narrow down a few of the prioritized blockers/requirements, it might benefit others in this forum if you had community posts for each. That way we could help others in your same situation. If you can't narrow down, no worries! I will be in touch on LinkedIn.