Drawloop - AssureSign Delivery Option Using Conditional Logic for JotBlocks


Error when using a Drawloop DocGen AssureSign delivery option with conditional JotBlocks.


Error Code

VALIDATION_FAILED Unable to submit due to the following error(s) ConditionalLogicItems: Conditional Logic must be valid: 'A conditional value must be provided for: Your JotBlock's Name'



For Drawloop to evaluate the conditional logic of the AssureSign template there must be a default value in place this guarantees that the JotBlock where the condition is set is displayed. With a default value, the system can evaluate the logic. 


Additional Information

The purpose of Conditional Logic is to allow you to enable or disable JotBlocks when they only need to be presented based on a certain condition.

With Conditional Logic, you can:

  • hide a JotBlock that was initially displayed

  • display a JotBlock that was initially hidden

  • make a JotBlock not required that was initially required

  • make a JotBlock required that was initially not required

You cause those actions to happen by testing the input of another JotBlock.

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