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After battling to get it to work, whats the best w...

I need to append xml into a multi line field that already will contain xml for a nested repeating section of a Nintex form. So far had to regex ...

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Automating Deployment

Hi All, I had a quick scour of the forums for this and I didn't find anything obvious, maybe I'm looking for the wrong terms. Anyway, in my c...

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Publish Nintex Form to a Library using Nintex Web ...

Is there a way I can take the exported Form.xml and publish to a similar Library using Nintex Form Web service? I am creating new libraries o...

  • By iza
  • May 21, 2018  09:00
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Site Columns Best Practices?

For reusability / consistency, I often find myself creating Site Columns, then adding these to a Content Type. This Content Type is then used in ...

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Escape unknown characters in Web request action

I am using the web request action (for the first time I might add) and in the json I pass in the initiator of the workflow as follows: Howeve...

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Nintex Form Won't Override Default SharePoint ...

I created a library from a template because it's part of a workflow process that an entire department uses. So I have to use this library because...

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