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How to get random list item using Nintex Workflow ...

Hi , My list contains 20 items . I need to get a random item every day . How to achieve this using Nintex workflow in SharePoint Online .

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New Resposonsive (Office365) - Current limitations...

Updated: 28th April 2021 This page is updated regularly as we ship new features. If you are interested in a particular feature, please let u...

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Setting Choice Control (Option, Checkboxes, List) ...

Hello Devs and Community, We have a form that we are trying to make ADA - Compliant since that is starting to become Law. We noticed that our ...

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Configuring a Workflow to send an alert when days ...

I need to send an email alert if 7 days have gone by since a date was entered in a field called 'Start Date'. In the Calculate Date field I've...

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How to stop a workflow from running again when an ...

I have a basic email workflow setup which triggers when my list Status field is marked as Complete . The workflow settings are setup to run whe...

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Schedule a workflow to run every month

I need to create a workflow that will send out a task reminder on the 1st Monday of every month. How can I do this?

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How many test workflows in a test environment befo...

Last week I made a workflow mistake--not my first. Actually, part of this I will attribute to a confusing setting in Nintex; the other part is pu...

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