Bellingham, WA, US - 3rd Party Cookies and Cross-Site Tracking Strategy

We just started migrating our intranet to Office 365. We did a technical review of Nintex Forms for O365 before some browsers were updated to block 3rd party cookies and cross-site tracking by default. Nintex support recommends having users disable those default blocking settings. We have a large number of unmanaged devices because of COVID-related telecommuting. We also anticipate wider telecommuting with unmanaged devices in the future. What does your agency do to address this issue? Are you using certain methods with managed devices and then requiring staff to disable these settings on their personal devices? We have hundreds of users who are not technical and we're going to get a flood of support calls on this. Also, there are legitimate security and privacy concerns if these blocking mechanisms are disabled. Thanks for any tips you can pass along. 

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