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Check if person field is not empty

Hi, I'm on 2 SharePoint 2016 farms. On the first one, I created workflow using conditional start on a person field. Let's call it "Notify a pe...

  • By explose
  • January 11, 2018  07:31
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Reset a variable on a form

I need to reset the value that is stored in a variable. I am using a repeating section to fill out a form. In that repeating section, I store the...

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Status column when splitting workflow

Hello community. Splitting a workflow seems useful and reasonable but what would be the approach in this case to the Status column, where you...

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Notify or lock task with multiple asignees

Dear community, I built a workflow where the requirement is that all tasks have a group of users assigned. And so it happens that a task is ofte...

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How to validate a single line text box in a repeat...

How do I validate a single line text box in a repeating section to take values only in between -101 to 101. The value entered can be -100.9 (any ...

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Workflow action "Update Item" unable to ...

Using On Prem Nintex Workflow 2013 When trying to edit an "Update Item" action after it has fields configured and saved, I am then unable to ope...

  • By mdom
  • January 10, 2018  22:42
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O365 HTML output to email.

We are migrating from 2010 to 365. We output html to emails coming out of tasks etc. In 2010 we would use Build String to assign the html to a va...

  • By harfmt
  • January 10, 2018  17:06
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Panel Delegation

I am new to Nintex. I am working to replace our incident reporting forms. I currently have a form created with several panels; and these panels r...

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Update List Item Value - List Name Issue

I am working on a simple WF that uses the "Set Value" option to update a single-text column in the item on modification. I have been receiving t...

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Displaying more than 1 column for a LookUp field i...

For a form where I have a list lookup the user only sees the Title Column when selecting a value. Is it possible to display a second column with...

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Lookup Field in Form creates error for a Source Vi...

I have a form where I have Lookup Field. Within the Control Settings - List Lookup I have inputted "All Items" for "Source View". This works fi...

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Set Values for Multiple Items based on another ite...

I'm sure this has been asked a thousand times but I am new to Nintex and am not even sure what I am searching for. My question is how do I set t...

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