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Title field on two different panels on Nintex form

I am using the Title field on two different panels on Nintex form, when one panel displays, i am hiding and disabling the other panel. However, the title field is still required on the disabled panel. Please help!

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Re: Title field on two different panels on Nintex form

So you are having trouble submitting the form because the Title field is a required field as defined by the list. In this case, a quick way to work around this is to change the list's Title field to not being required and then force it in the form. Since the users are interacting with the form, you shouldn't have any trouble making sure you get a value.

With the list Title field set to not required you can then create a Validation Rule in the form with a function or(Title1, Title2) to make it valid. This requires at least one filled out.


  • Validation Rule - if the Title1 (named control name) doesn't validate correctly when empty, you can use isNullOrEmpty() function surrounded by not(). So you want not-null, or not-null as the idea.
  • I pointed out list Title field a few times. DO NOT accidentally change settings to the Site Column of Title or Site Content Type of Item. This will have adverse effects on other lists.


There are always others ways to make this work, so this is just an idea. In one situation I was in I had a similar form with two panels that show/hide. But one control on the form appeared in both panels. Instead of having it on the form twice I didn't put the control in either panel and it just displayed in the same location on top of both panels. The users didn't notice.