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Document Creation Workflow Error

I have a workflow that previously worked just fine (and also a copy of the exact workflow working correctly on another library). It's a workflow to create an excel document in a library after an item is entered onto a list. The error I'm receiving is "The workflow could not create the list item. Make sure the list exists and the user has permissions to add items to the list." followed by "The workflow operation failed because the action requires the document to be checked in."


Pertinent information: I've removed all permission restrictions from the library. All users have Contribute level access. I also ensured that the "require document checkout" is toggled to no. I'm fairly certain that the issue is with the library.


Any idea on how I can fix this?

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Re: Document Creation Workflow Error


Did you ever figure out this problem?  I have the same issue but I'm trying to create a new Word document from a list item in a document library that uses content types.

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