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  • 12 July 2022
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We are setting up several workflows in NWC that are initiated by start forms. The start forms will be accesible to authenticated users. Is it possible to restrict access to the forms for specific users or a group of users? For example, can we set it so that under the "Submit a Form" section in User A's "My Nintex", User A only has the option to fill out Form A, and under User B's section, User B only has the option to fill out Form B?

Thank you in advance for any assistance. 

6 replies

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For NWC form start event it is authenticated or anonymous.


What you are asking for is the granular level of permission, which sadly its not there.

Any authenticated users can use any Apps/WFs. However there is a workaround for this thru the Permission settings in the Connection setting e.g. HR Apps are only for HR Team Members, use the Permission setting for the Connection.

While a user may use any HR Apps, they may not connect to read/write to the connected system.


There is a request for this in Nintex UserVoice - go and vote for it


You could define rules making inputs read-only for specific users. For instance create an azure active directory data source, then go to form designer -> external data -> create data source variable. Using that you can for instance define a variable for the specific AAD user object (match it with the current user -> Context -> current user -> email). Then you can create rules dependent on it.

As you can connect to any data source you have all possibilities to check for specfic user roles even if you use a different active directory.

Hi, this was my idea of a workaround also but I can't seem to get it working with start forms.  It seems that any rules on the start form can only be related to form objects.  Am I missing something?


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I also have the same question. Any updates? And that UserVoice does not seem to be working any more. Did Nintex change it?

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Found it -- UserVoice was replaced by Nintex Ideas.


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I did a search on Nintex Ideas and did not find the idea that had been mentioned in UserVoice. So I created my own.


Only after I created one did it show me a “related idea” to another similar one -