userProfileLookup PreferredName returning #Value!

  • 4 December 2017
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I'm trying to use userProfileLookup to return "PreferredName" but it's returning "#Value!". The formula I first tried was userProfileLookup(Current User, "PreferredName") from Retrieving User Account Display Name with Nintex Forms - Nintex Knowledge Base .

I even tried doing a substring of the first 7 characters since normally CurrentUser returns "i:0#.w|domainuser" but that didn't work either. 

I read through Returning displayName using userProfileLookup and a separate thread where the fix was creating a site at the root level. Neither was my issue. 

I should also specify that hardcoding the domainuser in the calculated value doesn't work either. 

I have no idea why this isn't working for me. Anyone have anything different I can try?

10 replies

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could you provide a screenshot of the configuration of your formula?

Usually it should work with using userProfileLookup(Current User, "PreferredName"). Do you face the same problem with different accounts too?

There might be a problem in the connection to your user profile service. If you use Nintex Workflow enterprise edition you can easily test this by creating a workflow with a query user profile action. There you can manually read one or more properties from current user / initiator and see if the variables contain the expected data. If not, then you'll need to fix that connection first, if yes, then the problem seems to only affect forms.

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Formula works for me:

userProfileLookup(Current User,"PreferredName")

Have You inserted the term Current User by clicking on it in the function builder under the tab common?

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I agree. It seemed pretty straightforward. I don't know why that doesn't work for me. 

Correct. It failed regardless of the actual Current User. I'll take a look at the query user profile workflow action. Thanks for pointing me in the right direction to troubleshoot further.

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Correct. That is my exact formula and I'm positive I added it from the common tab. To see if I was having an issue with the "Current User" I hardcoded the domainuser in there and that failed as well. 

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I have the same issue! however for me sometimes it returns the correct value and sometimes doesn't! using user profile query in workflow is a good approach however once a rule is needed based on the person properties on the form level, workflow doesn't work!

In my case I need to hide a filed if the current user equals manager of my people picker filed! 

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i recently updated to the new workflow and form builds and i am having trouble with this as well. However if i just leave current user from the common section it displays my name , but the whole point of this is to trim the domain and other unnecessary stuff.

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I found this and it is work for me.


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Thank you! This is working for me now in my production.


Here is a link to the document: Manage forms ( 

Google keywords: nintex allow forms user profile


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That is what i did to display PreferredName in a calculate value 

  1. My  first calculate Value : substring(Current User, 7, 15), Give it a name such as Ukraine
  2. My second calculate value . I use this formula userProfileLookup(Ukraine,"PreferredName"), it will display The Preferred Name 

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