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Item does not exist error with start workflow acti...

Hello all, I am using Site workflow and trying to start a list workflow on an item if the " Next review date " is equal to today. I was able t...

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Office 365 update item permissions

Hello Everyone, We are using Office 365 and Nintex workflow and trying to change item permissions when a request is submitted. For this i have...

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Forbidden Error

I am using Office 365 and nintex forms and trying to get list item attachments in task forms. As the attachments doesn't come by default i am usi...

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Using CSS for label font colors in Nintex Forms fo...

I'm trying to add a red asterisks to fields that become required based on validation rules (why this doesn't happen already, I don't know). I...

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How to include List Attachments to Task Approval F...

Hello! I would like to include a list attachment on my Nintex Task Form. I tried using a hyperlink reference to the Item URL, and this does tak...

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  • February 11, 2016  13:44
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