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Email multiple external recipients

Hi team,Does anyone know how to send an external email from o365 to multiple external recipients? I'm not sure what data type to use. I've tried a semi colon delimited text variable, dictionary and co...

In Nintex for Office 365
  • Posted by Chris_Ben
  • | December 12, 2016 14:35
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Manage allowed actions

Hi guys,Is there an equivalent of Manage Allowed Actions for SP-online?Cheers,Chris

In Nintex for Office 365
  • Posted by Chris_Ben
  • | February 10, 2015 13:24
  • Views 1268
  • Replies 2

O365 Send Document to Repository Action

Hi,Has anyone used the Send Document to Repository action?I'm trying to copy a document from one O365 document library to a document library in another site (same site collection) so I decided to use ...

In Nintex for SharePoint
  • Posted by Chris_Ben
  • | August 12, 2014 20:47
  • Views 3404
  • Replies 10

Automatically set your GPS location (Apple only)

Ever wanted to have Nintex Mobile set your location automatically without having to hit the "set my location" button? Well there is a way but it only works under a set of of specific conditions.First ...

In Community Blogs
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Provisioning on-prem active directory accounts using O365

Hi all,I have a scenario with a relatively standard setup of O365 connected back to the on-prem environment using DirSync and ADFS. The on-prem active directory is the master.I'm wondering if we can p...

In Nintex for SharePoint
  • Posted by Chris_Ben
  • | August 25, 2014 14:11
  • Views 2194
  • Replies 4
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Exporting file to network drive with NWC

I have an approval workflow that created multiple documents and saves them out to Dropbox for Business. The files route as required, but my last step is to get those documents into another repository ...

In Nintex Workflow Cloud
  • Posted by kbarton
  • | June 16, 2020 05:48
  • Views 424
  • Replies 2

Dynamic form options for drop-downs

Hi, Is it not possible to create a form with dynamic options in the dropdowns based on certain criteria.For example; i have a dropdown with 20 different options. When selecting one of these the optio...

In Nintex Workflow Cloud
  • Posted by MRT
  • | January 14, 2020 01:37
  • Views 958
  • Replies 3

How do I do a postcode validation in a control on a from?

Hi There, I have created a form where I am asking the user to input a postcode, how do I validate the field to ensure it is a genuine Postcode format for the UK? I am using NWC Thanks

In Nintex Workflow Cloud
  • Posted by AndyEmery
  • | November 28, 2019 03:46
  • Views 733
  • Replies 3

I need to create item in two lists using one form.

I need to create items in two lists using one nintex form. i have one list related to orders and and other related to items in orders i want to create an order i.e. using nintex forms with repeating c...

In Nintex for Office 365
  • Views 2228
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License Problem Nintex 2013

hii have nintex form license and installed on my server .but this error show in license page and in design page :"The server "srv-wfe1" is not currently licensed for the design or completion of Nintex...

In Nintex for SharePoint
  • Views 802
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