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Can you autopopulate a date field with a value fro...

I want one date field to auto populate with the date put in another date field i.e. start date will be chosen by the user. Once chosen, I wan...

  • By jacquiea
  • September 09, 2018  14:26
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Removing settings from published Nintex Live Form

Does anyone know how to turn off the Time Zone settings that appear on my published nintex live form? I don't want this confusing our users......

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allowing 1 user to edit specific fields in specifi...

I want to enable a single user to edit two fields on an otherwise uneditable form. How do I do this? Form rules are set up to disable EVERY f...

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Conditional rules for hiding items on forms

Hi All, I am having trouble coming up with the correct formula for hiding a prompting label on my form. Please help! It depends on the input ...

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Trouble publishing form to Nintex Live/no URL

Working on my first Nintex Live form, and not sure if I have the settings correct in CA as I am getting an error on publishing the form and no UR...

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Responsive Forms (on premise) with Live Form

I am using the new Responsive forms for on premise and I can't find a way to publish the form to Nintex Live. There is no button for Nintex Live ...

  • By wlemons
  • October 04, 2017  12:58
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Show display name in email notification

Hi all, I am wondering if there is a simple way to return a persons display name from a people/group field. I have a workflow running that se...

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  • August 21, 2014  12:15
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