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Real Time Custom Inline Function

Hello, The current time functions in Nintex forms calculate the time at the opening of the form. I am creating a custom inline function that calc...

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Access Nintex Mobile App using Corporate Account

I have Nintex Forms and Nintex Workflow 2016 installed with SharePoint 2016. I downloaded Nintex App to my android and tried to setup the authenticat...

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Get rid of extra Characters in Checkbox selected

I have a checkbox list field and I am trying to fetch the value of the selected fields without any extra characters eg. I am selected Application a...

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re-edit the form after save

I would like to know if there is a way to re-edit the form after the user has sent it. I would like the user to modify his request (by modi...

  • By Yuri-ko
  • August 08, 2019  06:14
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Send email from the Form value

Hi All, My form has a text field to provide email (My domain email id, not external) Requirement: User wants to send this form to a dedi...

  • By RS2019
  • August 08, 2019  06:03
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approver comment and approver name

I have created a workflow which assisgn task to user and first response applied is configured . Now suppose we have five person in the group i.e A,...

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LookUp to a list based on 2 columns and then retur...

Hello I am strugling with my current task! I am using a Calculated Value (on the form) with the formular: lookup("OptionsGuidance", "Options",Q1...

  • By bimi82
  • August 08, 2019  05:07
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