Workflow Status link Missing/No access to status screen

We are running an older version of Nintex Workflow on SharePoint 2010. I have a particular workflow that for some reason is not consistently assigning a status when the workflow completes, so the field is blank. When I click the item and go to the Workflow history, it does show that the workflow is complete. Now, I need to get to the Workflow Status page so I can see the Tasks that were completed as well as any comments added at the time, but the only way to get to that screen is through the Status link, which I do not have. Is there any way to either have the Status display or another means of getting to the workflow status screen?

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Re: Workflow Status link Missing/No access to status screen

Hi David,

if you go to the workflow history page of the item and click on the respective workflow you will see the graphical workflow overview. On that page you have a little box in the top left corner which leads you to a more detailed view that also provides a task history.

Moreover there is a Workflow context variable called "Workflow Status URL". You can use this variable and populate it to a custom column. This URL will take you directly to the graphical overview.

However, to get to the "normal" workflow status page you can also open the item in view mode and click on "Workflows" in the ribbon. This page will also show you all workflows that have been completed. By clicking on one specific workflow you will be redirected to the workflow status page.

Did you make sure you are showing the right workflow status column inside your list view? It sometimes happens that multiple status columns exist in one list and the wrong ones are shown in the view.



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