Unable to publish change made in SharePoint list to Nintex form

  • 15 December 2022
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I made a change to the SharePoint list to add an additional choice to the existing column, but the change did not automatically publish on the Nintex form.  When I go to preview, it shows in the form, but apparently I need to publish the form in order for it to show on the form permanently.  When I go to publish the form, it throws a “Something went wrong” error.  I don’t have any rules set up that reference this column I’m trying to make the change to, and there have been no other versions or changes completed on this form since I published it back in January of this year, so I am unsure why just adding a choice to an existing column would cause this error.


2 replies

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Hi @MeganE 


You should contact Nintex Support to help you with this issue.


I have modified a choice field - Add new, Edit existing and Delete.
The Form shall retain the non updated values until the form is “refresh”.
Refresh the form by opening and publishing the Form. 
This is usually an easy and straight-forward task.

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Yes, correct.  This is usually an easy & straight-forward task, however when I click to publish the change in the actual form, it creates this “Something went wrong” error. No one within the Nintex community in my work organization has been able to assist, as they asked me to submit the question to this community here, which is what I did.  If I need to contact Nintex Support, I can - just wondering if anyone here has any ideas.