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Web Request action for O365

With the release of the Nintex Workflow for Office 365 Web Request action, it opens a whole new world of functionality to your Nintex Workflows. SharePoint online still exposes a number of ASMX web we...

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SharePoint Fest Chicago 2019 and Talking Process

It was a busy conference for Nintex in Chicago. Technical Evangelist, Terry Simpson had to juggle a lot of things. He started off with a 2 hour workshop that focused on Process Mapping with the Nint...

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AND or OR, That is the Question

This is where Nintex Workflow meets Shakespeare. Ok maybe not.But seriously, wow what a release the June 2015 is turning out to be. Are you ready to start building complex workflow? No???? That's ok.....

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Dictionary Part 1 - Manually Creating a Dictionary

The Dictionary variable type, although the concept is not new, is new in Nintex Workflow for Office 365 for those who are more experienced with the on-premise version of Nintex Workflow, which instead...

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Numerical and Alpha Field Validation

When building a Nintex Form, you will inevitably be presented with a need for certain fields to have validation rules on them. It could be a simple rule like the field needs to have data in it. Or it ...

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Foxtrot RPA deployment with RabbitMQ

I am sharing one of the possible ways toTrigger Foxtrot RPA from Nintex Workflow Cloud.Before we get into the scripts on how to do that, maybe it's a good idea to explain a bit further in the followin...

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  • Posted by kkgan
  • | July 25, 2019 04:06
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Nintex Forms for Office 365 Set Text field and dropdown fields based on lookup choice

Hi I am attempting to set an email address text field and drop-down field base on a user choice field from the same lookup list Scenario: there is a list called Travellers which contains Travelle...

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Nintex Forms for Office 365 set cascading lookup filter in RS using cascading lookup

I am attempting to set a cascading dropdown names City in an Expense Claim RS using the Destination cities from a Travel Request RS Scenario: A request is made to travel to the following destinations...

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Copy list item from one site to another including attachements

I build a workflow with two steps: first step is to copy the list item itself with "create element in another website" which works fine. Now I want to copy the attachment(s) as well and used the "web...

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  • Posted by mai-kel
  • | May 27, 2019 04:52
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Repeating Section. How to Extract and Split to Excel.

Hi!One of the nice features of Nintex forms is an ability to create a repeating section within a single form. This allows you to add multiple lines of something, IE sales and then tally the rows up.On...

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  • Posted by Stonehage
  • | October 10, 2018 03:21
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