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Name of the user is automatically defined without ...

Hello Community, we have a request that in a form with a field Responsible the name of the user is automatically defined without input and also may n...

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Nintex Form cannot load if the List has unique per...

Hi Comminity, we have OnPremis SharePoint Server 2019. Request: Create a List with unique permissions and create a Nintex Form. I try it: I...

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Create Appointment URL for Exchange Online without...

Hi Community, we have a workflow with a create appointment item. Since our on Premis Exchange Server was migrated to Exchange Online, the workflo...

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Nintex Formular redirect

Hi Community, I have on a list a Nintex form which after completing and saving via the Save button a redirect on the page https://mycompany/s...

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Creating Subtask automatically

Hi Community, We'd like to create a workflow that automatically creates several predefined subtask to a main task when creating a new task. The b...

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Need Help with Approver Comments showing up in e-m...

I have a Flexi task that gives a reviewer the option to "Approve" or send back with "Comments to be addressed". It allows the reviewer to fill in...

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  • August 22, 2014  08:18
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