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Nintex Newbie

Is it possible to specify a set of users that are auto-cached for a People field for offline use in Nintex Mobile?

When I fill out a form on an iPad in Nintex Mobile while offline and I start typing a name in a People field, names that I have previously selected while online will come up in the search and will resolve to that specific user in Active Directory. The user is available while offline in this case as all users that are selected while online are cached on the iPad. If I enter a name that I haven't previously selected, the name will be entered as text but will not match to an Active Directory user as that user has not been cached on the iPad.

Is it possible to force a specific group of users either in a SharePoint group or in an Active Directory group to be cached on all devices when a specific form is updated in Nintex Mobile? I would like a set group of users to be available for selection in a People field on a form when the form is filled in while offline.

Screenshot of an offline People search for a user that has been cached:

Screenshot of an offline People search for a user that has not been cached: