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Workflow does not show calculated column for new i...

I have a Nintex workflow for a SharePoint 2013 list. The list has a "Due Date" date column and an "FY" calculated column. FY calculates the Fiscal Ye...

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Making control disable not saving value after subm...

Hi I am working on Nintex form. I have a Yes/No control which depending on another field either gets selected or not. I have used NWF$("#" + JSC...

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Using Get to retrieve data in several columns in a...

Hello. Please, I need guidance on how to get the data in specific columns (say columns 5, 12 and 18) in a csv file. I get the error message "Er...

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Unable to create SNOW Incident or SR tickets Using...

Unable to create INCIDENT or SERVICE TASK in ServiceNow using Nintex Workflow call WEB Request action Getting cannot connect to server error ...

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Saving the body of Send Notification into a ShareP...

Afternoon I'm working with Nintex 2013 On Prem and need to save the body of a Send Notification into a SP library. Has anyone done this before ...

  • By Sutekh
  • October 09, 2020  07:00
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Regular expression: remove everything after space

I can't get my pattern right. I need everything to be removed after the first space. Thank you.

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Create choice control with choices populated by pr...

Greetings, I would like to create a drop down field where the choices are populate from previously filled in fields filled in on the form. ie; T...

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Workflow Error with "Set Field Value"

Hello! I am trying to make a simple workflow with two actions - one to set a value of a column and another to start another workflow. This work...

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Making People Picker Read-only but save the value

Hi, I have a people picker field set to auto-populate using current user common properties from Nintex. I would like people not to edit this va...

  • By rythm
  • October 08, 2020  10:46
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Used Features of nintex Workflow

For migration purpose (Sharepoint 2010 Nintex Workflows / Forms) i would analyse the used features in multiple workflows. As far as known not all fea...

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SQL Request control error: Login failed for user.....

Hello! I am trying to access a table in a SQL Server that isn't the SharePoint SQL Server Database Engine. I am able to use the SQL Request control...

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Save and Redirect button missing Redirect Url fiel...

On my development site, the 'Save' button property has the 'Redirect URL' field. However, the field on the production site is missing. I wr...

  • By lcha
  • October 08, 2020  09:16
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