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Drop Down Choice List - Fill in field hiding panels

Hi everyone.
Please can i get some help with the following (preempt i am reasonably new to Nintex Smiley Happy)


I have a form created where a customer can either
A select from a list of 'Companies' 

B if wanting to input their own company where it doesn't exist they can use the Fill In option.


I am wanting to have both panels hidden and show them only depending on what option is chosen above:

Option A If a Company from within the drop-down is selected 

- Show panel 1
- Panel 1 pulls address information from another list using a lookup and displays the corresponding address

Option B If the Fill In choice option is selected 

- Allow customer to input customer name directly
- Show panel 2
- Allow user to manually input address details


I can't get this show panels to work nor can I work out how to
1 allow the customer to search through the drop down list

2 if they can't see the company they need click on the 'Fill In' button

3 fill in their own company name and address

without first removing any option they have selected in the drop down list first of all.


Video link :


Many thanks for any help and sorry for the noobness 🙂


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