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Nintex Newbie

Post to MS Teams Channel when task is assigned to specific group

In our process it would be helpful to post a message to a MS Teams channel whenever a task is assigned to a particular group using the "Assign a task" action.

I attempted two ways of doing that:

  1. Get the e-mail address associated with a MS Teams Channel and add it as a CC recipient (the ability to CC or BCC at the initial email for task assignment was just released in the past couple of months). This doesn't work. I don't even see the CC recipient in the e-mail sent to the members of a group.
    This would be the preferred approach as it would simplify the integration, but it doesn't seem like you can use the e-mail addresses associated with a Teams channel as a CC or BCC recipient.
  2. Set up an incoming web hook in the MS Teams channel, then add a workflow on the Task list used by the workflow, workflow set to trigger on item creation. This workflow does not trigger when the task is created by the original workflow.

My next idea is to wire up a remote event receiver on the task list to call a web service that will then use the incoming webhook to post to the Teams channel.

Has anybody attempted something similar? 

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