Feedback loops

  • 13 June 2022
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Is there anyway we can recede back to a previous step in a process on a decision diamond?


to link the flow back to an earlier step.


eg: if a task does not pass review, it is passed back to the previous stage for more requirement gathering.

This would be a simple loop in visio, where we would consider multiple variations that would be the unhappy path, but are part of a process.

3 replies

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Hi @Sean1233 


This isn't a Nintex Workflow question, is it?

You labelled it as Promapp


Its better to post your question to the Promapp forum Nintex Promapp Forum - Nintex Community

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Thank you @Garrett - I will move the post to the correct area.

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No, you cannot represent this in a Promapp process map and they train specifically on how to include such exceptions (which is what you're describing) in a way that doesn't cloud or obscure the view of the standard/normal process flow. Use of decision diamonds is discouraged for the same reason.

There are two good blog posts by Matt Spears here in Nintex Community:

Managing process exceptions in Promapp - Nintex Community and

Decision diamonds? - Nintex Community


(I'm not Nintex staff, just a happy customer)