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Current user storage

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Hey there,

I have a problem and I can not fix it by my self.
I am working with Nintex Forms 2013.
Goal: I want to save the creator of a new form by the calculated value.
Momentary state: I have a calculated value. The formula is "CurrentUser"
Problem: Every time someone edits the form, the field updates the "CurrentUser" but I want that the Creator of the form will be saved and the field never changes the content.
And now I don't want to use a People Picker  
Is it possible to save the creator of the form via the Callculated Value field?
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Automation Master
Automation Master

Re: Current user storage

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The simplest way to approach this would be to change how the calculated field is calculating. 

Because I have no idea if your Calculated Control is actually hooked up to a Column, I've configured it as if it is linked to a Single Line Text Column. 

While the formula might change slightly to meet your own needs, the configuration of the Control is the important part. I have highlighted the important part.

The Formula is as follows: 

userProfileLookup({Common:CurrentUser}, "PreferredName")

Configuring your control in this way means that it will ONLY grab the current user when the Form Mode is set to New, and will simply re-use the value of the control in any other mode, resulting in a one-time population. 

I hope that this helps. 

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