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  • 11 September 2020
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I have a list of PDF documents in Windows Explorer. I need to link each document individually into SAP. I therefore need to know how to select the top document (that I know how to do) and when it is linked, move to the second, third, fourth, etc. document in Windows Explorer.


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You don't need to open Windows explorer.


Using Create List of type File &Folder as shown below :

Specify the dynamic folder, filter on PDF files and include subfolders if needed.

And then Loop on the list :

Get the dynamic loop variable corresponding to the FullPath and do the actions to link with SAP


Note : If you need to sort the list of files, use the action Sort List before the loop.


Hope that helps


Cecilia, thank you very much for the information. Can you maybe please show me how to extract information from the list to enter in SAP? Thanks in advance.
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HI @Andriesdt 


You can check out my new blog post here:


This gives a quick introduction to using Lists. Towards the end is an explanation on how to make List references.


Hopefully this helps 🙂

- John