Filetrigger creating two processes

  • 24 January 2020
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Hello i am having some problems with Foxhub creating two running jobs when a script is startet with a filetrigger. This does not happen every time and i cant seem to find out why this happens, hens the post.

The flow is this:

A user in the office opens an excelsheet, fills in the information and hits a button in the sheet, which saves the file in the filetrigger location. 

This will activate Foxhub, and it moves the excel sheet to the output folder and the script starts up. But sometimes Foxhub creates two running jobs even tho there is only one file in triggerlocation.

In the attached immage i have paused the two running jobs (which should only be one)


What is going on here, am i doing something wrong?


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2 replies

Hi @MPI,

This is, unfortunately, something that we have also seen with many of our customers. We have reported the issue multiple times but we haven't seen a fix to it yet. So to my knowledge, unless we missed something, this is a bug in FoxHub without a workaround at the moment.

Allright, thank you for the quick repsons tho :)