Is Promapp becoming Process Manager?

  • 7 October 2022
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I see 'Nintex Process Manager (Formerly Promapp)' mentioned in quite a few places.


Are we going to see it re-branded soon to drop the Promapp name?



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Hi there,


Yes, as part of our platform-wide naming refresh project, Promapp is becoming Nintex Process Manager. Our main goal is to better align our product names with their core capabilities and to make it easier to understand what is included in each of our platform components. The Process Manager name better reflects the full set of capabilities in the product, including process mapping, management and collaboration and is inline with our vision for making Process Manager a centralized, single source of truth for all your processes. You can find out more about our naming project here, but please feel free to reach out to me directly with any questions!




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Great! I missed that update but that explains everything. Thanks for the response! looking forward to the product's development 🙂
Is there a date set when the name change will occur on the Promapp site and Nintex University?
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Good day, @LBen - 


We will be updating the product name as we revamp courses. New courses will use the new product name.




Promapp will be transitioning over to our new product name Process Manager over the next 12 months.  You might have even noticed our website is already in the process of being updated, in-product changes are scheduled to be updated in early 2023, with all other assets to follow.

We also acknowledge changing names from Promapp to Process Manager may require some internal effort for our customers.  This will vary from customer to customer, but you may want to focus on rolling this change out to all new materials developed, then gradually work through updating any old content during your annual content reviews.

Interesting choice from a marketing perspective. The Promapp name was something unique that you could easily mention and people would be able to find it in internet search results. When you search for “process manager,” Nintex is very far down in the results.