Set permisson for Nintex History List

Hi, I am using Nintex form / Nintex workflow on sharepoint on-line. I set the permission to the userbase on the list directly (breaking the inheritance). When a user submits the form it does not move through the flow. I believe it gets stuck at the Nixtex history list action.  When I gave the same permission to the site the flow worked as expected. I do not ant to give the users edit access to the site as they will be able to modify webpages. I read somewhere that I need to grant contribute access to the Nintex History List. Can someone provide guidance on this? Thank you!

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@pecemarc you are correct that if you are using a task that gets created for the user, then the user would need to have edit permissions to that list as well. Also, the user would need to have edit permissions to the site assets folder and maybe one other folder to ensure that they can see all the images and files necessary for forms. I cannot remember the specifics but check out this post for more details.

I give read access to the entire site, and then break inheritance in three areas:
- The form list
- The task list
- The workflow history list e.g.