Nintex Forms in SPO extremely slow

  • 19 April 2021
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Does anyone use Nintex Forms in SharePoint online? Our dev team has just started developing with it online and a simple form with nothing complex can take over 1 min to load, our users will freak at this poor performance if we try migrate them from on prem to online.


4 replies

That's good to hear as it means it is something that can be improved! I was wondering if it was the norm or not. Next steps will be talking to nintex as well as Microsoft as our tenant experiences a lot of slowness issues that are experienced inside and outside out network. The tenant issues could be compounding the problem

I'm not very experienced with nintex online, what banner? The nintex branding banner on their default new forms? That has been removed. 

Same here. Use the new chromium based MS Edge or Chrome to make it a little more bearable.
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Anybody from Nintex have a response to this? Very simple form with a few fields takes a very long time to render.


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Apologies for the late response.  In general, Forms load time in SPO will naturally increase due to added redirect, response, processing time within the ecosystem, navigating thru MS Add-in app and SharePoint APIs.  Please submit a support case with details such as form type, Task or List form, browser, any custom code, etc. so that we can replicate and then investigate.  For a faster form load time, you may also want to consider the latest from Nintex on Sharepoint Framework app (SPFx) support.