Multiple users assigned to task, close out tasks when first response is received

  • 14 June 2019
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Hello Nintex friends,


I have a workflow that routes approvals through multiple levels. When a task is assigned at a step, there will be sometimes as many as fiver or more potential approvers. My task is set up to complete with the first response. My problem is this, when the one user actions the task, it does not close out the other tasks in the task list and when another user looks at their open approvals, the task still shows up there. Is there a way to have the workflow close out the task for the other users when their response is no longer required? 


I am running Nintex workflow and Nintex forms in Office 365. 




Cody Allison

1 reply

Hi Cody,


The normal behaviour would be that these excess tasks are deleted by the workflow - Does the user that starts the workflow (initiator) have permission to delete tasks in the Task List? Because the workflow runs with the permissions of the initiator, if the initiator doesn't have permission to delete the task it may not be removed.