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I am in the process of updating an existing Nintex workflow to Nintex Workflow for Office 365.  There is an action in the existing workflow called "Wait for item update"  I am able to specify the column to check and have a number of options to choose from (see image below).



According to the following post, the Wait for item update action has been replaced by Wait for Field Change in Current Item.  I am having trouble configuring this action.  The column that needs to be checked has 4 possible values so I can't just list one value.  Any thoughts on how I can get this to work so it waits for the column to not be empty?  

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Hi, I saw this forum and thought that it might have the solution to your problem , .

What I usually do in this situation is to create a true/false field that the workflow can use to wait upon. For example, "Choice Set". Then add a rule to your field that has the four choices so it sets "Choice Set" to true if it is filled and false if it is empty. You need to include the "Choice Set" field on the form for the rule to work, but you can set it as hidden and/or read only.