Auto Sum using Nintex Forms - Is this possible?

  • 10 June 2019
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I am trying to create a form that will autosum a total for a set of fixed columns with amounts.

Is this possible to do while the user is entering data in a form?


For example:

Account (First column) |  Amount (Second Column)

23-32-32                                     |  100

22-11-44                                     |   300

33-22-11                                     |   600


Auto Sum Total on form ----->      1,000 (=amt 1+amt 2 +amt 3)


The list would have a basic structure of columns like:


Account 1

Amt 1

Account 2

Amt 2

Account 3

Amt 3


I appreciate any ideas or even training videos you could point me to.

Thank you.


Best answer by brett 11 June 2019, 21:36

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1 reply

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I figured out my issue. I was trying to sum() using my collumn "Item Properties" instead of using "Named Controls".


When using Item Properties, the value is only calculated after the entry is saved and reopened.


When using Named Controls, it gets summed in realtime. 


Bleh, newbie lesson learned.