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  • 11 June 2019
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We have a workflow that creates a subsite in SharePoint. The first challenge we had was that we couldn't see custom templates from the Create Subsite action in the workflow designer, which is annoying but not the end of the world.


The more substantial problem is setting permissions on the newly created subsite. I can set Stop Inheriting Permission and provide a relative url but the actions around granting permission all seem to act on the top level site and don't give me an option to specify the newley created site. When I try to add a user or group to a role, it does that at the top level site. Update subsite lets me change title or description, but not the permissions.


I feel like I must be missing something obvious because it can't be this difficult to change permissions on a newly created site.

5 replies

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Hi JessMeats


See attached link below:


Reference for granting permission


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Those links are all pointing to instructions for older versions of the designer, not the K2 Five workflow designer. It would seem silly that you could specify the site to set permissions for in an older version but not a more recent one, which is what makes me feel like I must be missing something.


The "Add site permissions" wizard for K2 for Visual Studio does what I want to do. How do I do that in K2 Five?

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Alternatively Please check out for related and resolved community post(




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 Neither of those are actually related to my issue. The first is about being unable to get into the K2 app screens, and the second is about issues with how Microsoft are changing permissions in SharePoint Online. This has nothing to do with using a workflow to set permissions in a SharePoint on-prem environment.


I did search through the forums before making my post but didn't find anything that was related to my issue with K2 Five.

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Hello  @JessMeats,


I feel like you issue is similar to the symptoms below, which was resolved:


'The issue brought forth here deals with adding new users/ groups into SharePoint and the potential security of newly created sites after these users have been added to SharePoint.

What is occurring is after creating a workflow that creates a new subsite, deletes user permissions and adds new ones, there appears to be an issue with adding new users/ groups to the SharePoint environment after the workflow has been deployed.
What happens after adding these individuals and accessing the workflow that creates the new subsite you will notice that these groups are added into the events that are utilized to delete and add user rights, but they are not configured to have their rights deleted or added. At face value this means that whenever a new subsite has been created, these user rights will not be removed and means that they will have access to the new subsite by default. '


A resolution to this is:


' While it is true that users/ groups are added to the list of available users to be configured in these events, there is one thing to keep in mind on this subject. When first configuring and deploying a workflow process, the workflow is configured using the settings that were available to it at that time. This means that when looking at the permissions events later, these new users will show, but the currently deployed workflow has no context of these users yet. The only time that this would become a security issue is if the workflow is deployed again without configuring the new users/ groups. '


Reference article:


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