Not able to Configure Working Hours in reminder mail

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Hi All,


I am not able to configure working hours in reminder mail. I have defined a default working hour in management, but still working hour option is showing. Please find the image below for reference. I am using K2 5.1.

Any insights on this would be greatly appreciated.





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Can you upload the image again? I can't view the image you have emedded into your message.


Hi  @Nidhin 


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I did some research and unfortunately that feature only exists in k2 version 5.3


According to the 5.1 documentation on the issue "When you configure the task reminder to send an email or redirect to someone else, Working Hours are not taken into consideration. If your company's working hours are, for example, Monday through Friday, 8 am - 5 pm, and the task reminder is due outside of those hours, the reminder is sent at that time and does not wait until the next working hour."


You can have a look at 5.1 ducumentation below

5.1 Reminder 


Also you can go through 5.3 documentation below

5.3 Reminder 


I hope this is helpful!




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Have you tried adding your destination user/s to your default Working Hour zone? 

Please refer to this documentation on Working Hours, specifically the section on Adding members to a Working Hour