Issue with GetUsersByGroup

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Hi All,


i'm facing some challanges with GetUsersByGroup, could you please let me know is it a know bug ?


My Ad Group has 4 users, i want to loop in with every user in that AD group. Hence i created the WF as below

Step 1:  I added a smartobject method and added a reference.



As per the logic it should come 1 st user email id, but all the email id's of 4 users who are in AD group are coming. And the email is getting triggered for 4 times.






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Hello Amar


Just to check are you doing a loop index as per this KB:




Hi there  @Amar 


I dont really understand what you are asking,But based on my understanding of your question I found the following using k2 5.3


I went on and created the workflow with smo step, loop step, email step and lastly the end step just like what you did.

Then when the workflow is started I got 4 emails with each email having one email from the group like one the attachemt 1.


What version of k2?


I hope this is helpful towards answering your question.