Issue copying a Task, show label checkbox not visible

  • 7 September 2023
  • 3 replies

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5.6 FP21

Copied a task and noticed the [  ] Show label checkbox is not visible, Priority dropdown not dropping down, Name entered doesn’t save, Reset just clears the name value.   

This is with the Task connected to other nodes, and tried closing / reloading the process.



Some tasks are still copiable.

3 replies

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Have you tried to add a new task action rather than copying it? If you experience the same behaviour with the fresh task action, please do let us know.

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Creating a new one will be fine, issue is on the copying of a task to save time from manually recreating 20 times.


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What if you tried to copy a new activity? Do you experience the same behavior?

(i.e. dont copy the origional)