How to show/hide a panel based off of a people control?

  • 26 September 2023
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I have created a form that will be filled out by an employee. This employee will enter in all of the required info then using a people control they will choose the director. After submission an edit form link will be emailed to the director. I am trying to show this director panel if the person editing the form is the director that was chosen. If they are not the director (the form has other panels that are hidden based on SharePoint groups) then this director panel should be hidden. How can I add  formatting or validation rule to accomplish this? I am using Nintex with SharePoint 2016 on Prem.



1 reply

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Hello @MH84637 ,

In the workflow, you might be able to perform some logic to check if the person that received the task is the same person in that list of users. Perhaps you will need to perform a loop to check and validate that way. If the control only permits one person, then that makes it even simpler as there is no need to do loops. The reason for this is to make it simpler in the form to perform the rule check.

In the form, you can add some rules that hide or show controls etc. Use the check from the WF or use the values in the form…. to check if the person is same as in the list.

Regarding the actions, there is only the HIDE option.. So for that particular task, you can have the options as visible and hide the controls when not applicable. Also you can use the NOT function in the inline functions (to inverse the check logic if required) to allow the HIDE option to work.

I hope this helps to resolve the issue.