Get data from SMO and pass them to workflow

  • 20 September 2023
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Dear all,


I am trying to get specific data by request ID from SMO and pass them to workflow


User will fill data in a form then after submitting the request i want to use the data

entered by the user in the workflow. How i am suppose to acheive that?


Thank you

4 replies

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One way you can accomplish this is to use the Request ID as the workflow process instance folio when you start the process. Then the workflow can use the folio to lookup data from your SMO by request ID.

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Could you please explain more how am i suppose to acheive this?


Thank you.

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When you submit your form, you are saving data to the database and get back a Request ID, is that correct? Assuming so, and that you can store this request ID in a data field, then the rule on your form that starts the workflow allows you to specify the folio for the workflow process that you are starting. Drag the request ID data field that you set when the record was saved as the folio.


Then, in your workflow, you can call the Read method of your SMO passing in the folio as the request ID parameter. The output of this read method can be put into workflow data fields for use in your workflow.

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Hi ,

You can achieve these kind of requirements by various ways. 2 of them listed below -

  1. Create Workflow variable of desired data type and use the rule - “ Start the workflow “ and under configure option please pass the value from your form/view located in context browser to this workflow variable.
  2. Create reference from the smartobject using read method. While configuring read method, Identifier is needed. This identifier can be passed the way describe in step 1. Now in the next steps of workflow; directly drag and drop the desired field from the reference created.

Hope this helps !


Zeeshan Nasim