Expire Activity in K2 FIVE

Hi Team,


I have parallel activity in my workflow.   Activity A, B & C.

If Task B user take action on worklist item, then i would like to expire activity A & C to move my workflow to next step.

How I can we do this in K2 Five?

I am planning to create REST service and make user of management API to expire all active activates 

Then create SO and call this after each client event. let me know if this is correct approach or there any other solution to achieve this.


Thanks in advance.



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Good Day NikTan,


To answer part of your question, the image below is where you can configure your workflow to achieve the desired results. You need to make use of the split and mege steps. Highlight the "Merge" step, SELECT "custom logic" and PRESS "Edit Merge Rule" to setup your rules, and finally CHECK on "Expire active paths after merge".














After applying this, your solution should work as you want it to work and you will not have to stress about the Management API to expire all other activities because when one of the activities is actioned, the workflow merges and disregards the other activities.


I hope this helps.


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Hi again,


Below image is how your merge rule should look like:








In case you are not familiar with the split or merger steps, please could you follow the link ( to familiarize yourself.




Hi Katleho ,

Thanks for your quick response. I would like to move ahead if any path take action. But i wont find that option in custom configuration. I can have all Path take action then only merge. Can you please help me how to configure that. 


Hi  @Tan;


I think using the First reponse rule, you won't need to expire Task, after any of the task receipients action the Task  it will automatically expire as shown in the diagrams below.

  • Parallel receipients (ABC)


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Yes sure. To add more paths, drag the "merge" from the bottom of the canvas to the "if" condition at the left top corner of the canvas. See image below:














Please provide me with feedback on if you were able to follow the steps.



It works. Thank you so much for your quick help
Thanks Widson, i will try this solution as well.

Thank you for your help
Great stuff NikTan, I am glad I was bale to help

Hi NikTan;

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any idea how i can solve the same problem k2 black pearl studio based workflows? because there is no split and merge controls there?